Why Whey

Organic whey and body care, if this combination sounds crazy to you, you are not alone but here you find the many benefits of our main ingredient.

Our Main Ingredient


Whey is perfectly suited to skin and hair care. This is partly due to the lactic acid it contains, which has the same structure as the one formed in the body. Whey has a positive effect on the acid mantle of the skin and helps to care for and regenerate especially dry and sensitive skin. That's why whey is also often associated with relaxing and soothing baths. Whey has a long tradition in skin care and people often associate it with the famously beautiful Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt who was know to treat her skin with milk baths. It also regulates the pH value of the skin. Containing lactic acid, lactose, calcium, vitamin B, iron, protein, potassium and phosphorus, whey is a "multi-talent" for skin and hair care and for us the ideal main ingredient for our sustainable and organic skin and body care line, the WHEY SERIES.

Whey Series

Guided by our core values of quality, simplicity, transparency and sustainability, we have developed a certified organic skin and body care collection based on whey, the WHEY SERIES.

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