Why vielö

Twelve reasons why vielö might be the right choice for you.

Choose vielö,

if qualitiy is important to you.

We are uncompromisingly committed to the highest product quality. The vielö Whey Series meets the strict quality standards for Austrian organic cosmetics.

if organic is important to you.

The vielö Whey Series is a certified organic skin and body care range. Certified Austrian organic cosmetics are even more strictly regulated than natural cosmetics. Thus we guarantee the highest organic quality and for the sake of our nature.

Austria Bio Garantie

if transparency is important to you.

Terms such as natural or organic are not protected or uniformly regulated within Europe. This leads to the phenomenon of "greenwashing" and misleads consumers. With the strict standards for Austrian organic cosmetics, Austria has assumed a pioneering role with regard to the criteria of quality and transparency. This is one of the reasons why we chose organic cosmetics.

if the fine print is important to you.

We believe it is more transparent for a state-authorized body to audit our legally required product quality for Austrian organic cosmetics than to make use of a popular seal from a private association that can set its own rules and quality standards.

if comprehensibility is important to you.

No pretending. No misleading. Instead, we try to make all formulations transparent and comprehensible for everyone. In support of this approach, we explain the use and desired effect of each individual ingredient on our website.

if you want to avoid potentially harmful ingredients.

We consciously avoid controversial or questionable ingredients.

Our Quality Guarantee

if you do not like artificial complexity.

The cosmetics industry can be very complex and confusing. However, we do not believe in artificial complexity that confuses consumers. Instead, vielö we believe in sophisticated simplicity and rely on honest and authentic products.

if provenance is important to you.

For us provenance plays an important role, so we work primarily with regional partners whose professional expertise and human quality absolutely convince us. Our products are not flown halfway around the globe before they land on the shelf just to minimize production costs, instead they are "designed, developed and made in Austria".

if clear values are important to you.

Guided by our core values of quality, simplicity, transparency and sustainability, we have developed a certified organic whey-based skin and body care range, the Whey Series. Our core values are at the heart of all our endeavors.

Our Principles

if sustainability is important to you.

Inspired by the circular economy, we refine a high-quality by-product of cheese production, our organic whey, and use it to create certified organic and sustainable skin and body care products.

Circular Economy

if being critical is important to you.

We believe the cosmetics industry is in dire need of a new and more sustainable approach promoting a more responsible and conscious use of our existing natural resources.

if design is important to you.

We attach great importance to beautiful design. Design that demonstrates what we at vielö stand for.

Our Design