The Name

One of the first business decisions was to find a suitable name for our brand. After hours, days and weeks of searching, we have found what we were looking for.



v i e l ö consists of three elements that carry a deeper meaning and that have accompanied us on our journey so far:

1. V I E
2. L O
3. Ö

V I E stands for VIENNA, the great capital of Austria. Vienna is the city where Alex lives and where we, the founders of vielö met for the first time while at university there. Thus, Vienna will always remain very special to us.

L O stands for LONDON, the inspiring metropolis where Chris lived when we decided to start our own entrepreneurial adventure. A city whose creative and entrepreneurial spirit remains a constant source of inspiration.

Ö stands for ÖSTERREICH or AUSTRIA, the beautiful and versatile country where we founded our small business, where we source many of our ingredients from and where we design, develop and make all our products. A country that offers much for than just Mozart, the Sound of Music and Sacher cake.


The dots serve as our brand symbol.

Our Design