Quality Guarantee

Uncompromising quality also means to clearly say NO.

Our Quality Seal

Seal Quality Guarantee

Just as important as the natural and certified organic ingredients we use in our vielö products are the ones we consciously avoid. Our "NO TO" strategy is clear and uncompromising. We follow a responsible approach and therefore only use ingredients that are approved for certified organic cosmetics and are rated positively.

By not using questionable or controversial ingredients as a precautionary measure, we avoid ideological or scientific discussions that only lead to uncertainty among consumers. We want our customers to be able to fully rely on our honest quality and therefore we simply avoid ingredients about which there are any doubts about their absolute harmlessness.

This is challenging for us and our partners in the product development, as it means avoiding many cheaper and very common ingredients, but at the end we are able to offer high-quality ingredients and products with a clear conscience.