Our Principles

We believe a good company needs a clear set of values and principles.



Uncompromising quality.

All our products are 100 % designed, developed and manufactured in Austria. We have consciously opted for the strict standards for certified Austrian organic cosmetics (Austria Bio Garantie) in order to offer highest quality and at the same time greater transparency and better comprehensibility.

All our ingredients therefore meet the strict requirements of Austrian organic cosmetics. All our products are made from high quality ingredients. We believe in authentic and honest products and ingredients that are absolutely harmless, undisputed and consistently very well rated. This ensures that our skin is never exposed to potentially harmful ingredients and avoids "ideological" and scientific debates about their safety.



Sophisticated simple.

Life (and especially the cosmetics industry) is complicated enough. We want to offer a little more clarity and make daily skin care a more natural, simple and soothing experience. YES to scientific findings and research cooperations and NO to artificial complexity, which simply overwhelms consumers and does not allow them to make objective purchase decisions. We are convinced that natural and organic cosmetic products do not always have to look like "stereotypical" organic products. Therefore, simplicity is not only reflected in all our formulations, but also plays an essential role in the entire brand experience, from our website to our product packaging.



Surprisingly sustainable.

Sustainability plays an important role for us, above all because we are inspired by the ideas of the circular economy. Circular economy means that new, sustainable and high-quality products are created from our already existing natural resources. In our case, liquid organic whey, a by-product of cheese production, is processed as our main ingredient and used to develop sustainable skin and body care products.

At vielö we are committed to a responsible use of existing resources without compromising quality. Through our local cooperations we accept higher costs, but at the same time we avoid unnecessarily long supply chains harming our environment and conflicting with our vielö values and principles. At the same time we are reducing our ecological footprint. We are aware that our contribution to making the cosmetics industry more sustainable is a very small one, but every big movement starts with small initiatives.



Refreshingly transparent.

No exaggerated advertising promises. No misleading. No pretending. No greenwashing. No hidden or surprising ingredients and chemicals. Our ingredients and products are audited by a state-authorized independent body (Austria Bio Garantie) for compliance with the guidelines for organic cosmetics. All our ingredients have a specific purpose. We simply want our customers to understand our vielö formulations as well as the ingredients used in our products. This enables our customers to make a conscious and informed purchase decision without having to consult a dermatologist or chemist for advice.