Natural, organic, vegan, clean, fresh, non-toxic. If you sometimes get confused by cosmetics advertising, then we understand why. We at vielö would like to change this.

Uncompromising Quality

We have therefore committed ourselves to the greatest possible transparency and comprehensibility and opted for the strict and transparent quality standards for certified Austrian organic cosmetics (not to be confused with natural cosmetics!). This means all our ingredients also meet these requirements and are perfectly suited for the use in skin and body care.

YES to natural and organic ingredients. NO to all questionable or controversial ingredients and chemicals.

In addition, we do not use artificial colours or fragrances and only use organic essential oils. Unlike synthetic substances, natural ingredients are dependent on the weather and other external factors and can vary slightly from harvest to harvest. It’s just natural.

Tradition meets modernity. Both can be found in our formulations. This is why we rely on traditional active ingredients such as our organic whey, but at the same time we do not turn a blind eye to scientific findings and new active ingredients. As a result, we‘re combining the best of both worlds, tradition and modernity.
We select our ingredients very carefully in consultation with experts and on the basis of quality and its proven effects. With our formulations we want to demonstrate that high-quality skin and body care products made with traditional and natural ingredients do not contradict each other, but harmonise wonderfully with each other.

Just as important as the ingredients we use are the ones we consciously avoid. We have therefore designed a "NO" seal illustrating more clearly what will never end up in our vielö formulations.

Why Whey?

Organic whey and body care, if this combination sounds crazy to you, you are not alone but here you find the many benefits of our main ingredient.

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The Scent - Explore

A specially for vielö created scent to let you relax and unwind.

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Austria Bio Guarantee

More and more people are questioning conventional products and systems. That's what we also did and that's why we have opted for certified organic cosmetics.

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Quality Guarantee

Uncompromising quality also means to clearly say NO.

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Circular Economy

Inspired by the ideas of the circular economy we have opted for a more sustainable use of the valuable natural resources available.

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