Product and ingredient information

Are all our products GMO-free?

vielö is certified by the Austria Bio Garantie and we can assure that absolutely none of our products contain genetically modified ingredients.

Further details about our certification can be found here: Austria Bio Garantie

How long do our products last?

In general, our products have a shelf life of 18-24 months from the date of manufacture and 6 months from the date of opening. You will find the expiry date for each product on the product label.

We also recommend storing the products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

What certifications do our products have?

All vielö products are certified by the Austria Bio Garantie for Austrian organic cosmetics, which is the strictest standard for the production of cosmetics in Europe. Austria is one of the only country within the EU that has legal standards set for the production of natural and organic cosmetics. In contrast to private seals, where different big corporations unite under one roof in order to set their own quality standards, the legal standards for organic cosmetics are stricter. It also means more transparency for consumer because an independent body ensures compliance with the regulation.

All our seals are displayed online on our product page and also on the packaging for all products.

Further details about our certification can be found here: Austria Bio Garantie

Where do we produce our products?

At vielö we produce all our products in Austria. That means we are not only "designed in Austria" instead "designed, developed AND made in Austria".

Are our products tested on animals?

Of course, vielö does not carry out any animal testing. This means that we do not test products on animals, nor do we source ingredients from companies that carry out animal testing.

Are our products vegan?

Whey comes from milk and is a byproduct of cheese production, so our products are not vegan.

Why are vielö products made with essential oils?

We are convinced of the advantages of essential oils, not only in aromatherapy, but also with regard to the skin, if used in low and well-dosed quantities.

It is known that too high a content of essential oils can irritate damaged, broken or sensitive skin. This is why we only use low concentrations of essential oils in our products, but irritation or allergic reactions can never be completely ruled out, as with all natural ingredients in general.

How often should I use the body scrub?

Each person’s skin is unique and therefore it is best to adapt your "care routine" to your skin type. In general it can be said:

For very sensitive skin once a week is sufficient.
For more sensitive skin, twice a week.
For combination skin, once or twice a week.
For dry, mature and acne-prone skin, twice a week.

Our body scrub is a very gentle and mild peeling, which is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The finely ground apricot kernels remove dead skin cells and help to remove impurities that have accumulated on the skin surface.

After exfoliation, it is recommended to use our organic body lotion to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin.

Are all our products suitable for sensitive skin?

The simple answer is yes, because they have been specially developed for dry and sensitive skin in mind. Nevertheless, each person's skin is unique, so no general statement can be made and intolerances can occur.

However, we guarantee that all our many skin and body care products have been developed with the aim to suit dry and sensitive skin, no matter if it is oily, dry, older or hypersensitive. We always avoid irritants or all controversial ingredients, you can find out more about our quality promise here: Quality Guarantee

We carefully test all of our products before they end up on the shelves because all of our products are developed in a collaborative approach and are therefore developed together with our target audience. However, since each person’s skin is unique, we can never be 100% sure how the skin will react to a certain ingredient and product. Therefore, we always recommend a patch test in case of uncertainty, where a small amount of the product is applied to the inside of the wrist to observe the reaction.

Is vielö suitable for flaky skin?

Dandruff is often triggered by dry scalp. Therefore all haircare products have been develop to suit people with dry and sensitive scalp. Judging from the feedback we receive from our customers, it is quite often the nourished and healthy feeling of the scalp that is highlighted as a particularly positive effect of the usage of our hair products.

I am lactose intolerant – can I still use vielö products?

We are often confronted with this question because people who suffer from lactose intolerance suspect that body care products must be absolutely lactose-free. But that’s not entirely true. Lactose intolerance means that the body cannot process the lactose ingested through food. Cosmetics containing milk proteins may therefore be used, as they do not come into "contact" with the digestive system. However, we would like to emphasise that this applies to purely external use.

Where does our whey come from?

We source our organic whey from a traditional Austrian company which, like us, also stands for organic quality and is certified organic (by the Austria Bio Garantie).

Why should I shake the products before use?

Our products are not based on whey powder instead on fresh liquid whey. This fact and the gentle production, without using high temperatures, guarantee the extremely high content of valuable whey ingredients. Elements such as vitamins, lactose, lactic acid, minerals, proteins or enzymes, some of which are temperature-sensitive, are preserved in this way. That is why whey is always at the top of the list of ingredients. However, these ingredients can destabilize the natural emulsifiers. It is therefore possible that water separates in the products if they are stored over a longer period of time. This does not mean any lack of quality, rather a sign of quality demonstrating the high whey content. Simply shake well before use and enjoy.

Packaging enquiries

Is our packaging recyclable?

All our packaging is recyclable. We also work with local packaging suppliers as close as possible to our headquarters to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

All our cartons are fully recyclable.

Packaging filling material
We use a filling material to ensure that the products do not move too much or become damaged during transport. This is also fully recyclable.

What are our product bottles made of?

Our bottles are made of HDPE, which stands for high density polyethylene. HDPE is an easily recyclable plastic. It can be melted down to be reused for the production of plastic products.

Why do we use plastic and not glass for our personal care products?

That was one of the most difficult decisions we had to make. In order to ensure practicality we voted for HDPE, an easily recyclable plastic.

Glass was not really a sensible and viable alternative for our products, as its use, especially in the shower, is too dangerous (breakage and glass splinters) and, in addition, tiles and surfaces could easily be damaged when a glass product slips out of the hand.

In addition, glass needs more energy during production and has considerable disadvantages and negative impacts due to its weight during transport. However, we will continue to look for alternative and more sustainable solutions, as long as they meet our expectations in terms of design and practicability. In addition, we will also consider glass as an alternative wherever it is reasonable and sensible to do so when we expand our product range.

Do we offer a refill system?

Sustainability is one of our main concerns and a core value of our corporate DNA. Unfortunately, due to hygienic regulations and logistical reasons, we cannot (yet) offer refills of vielö products. However, we can guarantee that we will continue to work intensively on this issue together with our partners in order to offer our conscious customers an even more sustainable solution in the future and at the same time ensure that the highest quality and the stability of our formulations is not compromised.

Availability information

Do we have a brick-and-mortar store?

WWe are currently in the middle of completing our new vielö showroom in Sattledt, Austria, where you can make an appointment with us at any time to test and experience all our products.

We also have an Online-Shop

If you look for a shop near your home offering our products, we have a number of wonderful, special and really unique partner stores and resellers.

Where can you buy our products?

There are a number of ways to buy our vielö products:

Online Online at choose the correct region and select your desired product and press "Add to cart". Once you have added the products to your cart, just follow the instructions to finalize your order.

In the shop Although vielö does not have a physical store yet, all our products are available at a number of special, independent and unique national and international partner stores. To find the closest one for you: partner stores and resellers

PR and Marketing
PR and Marketing information

Do we offer donations or sponsoring?

Since we are a small company with limited resources and budgets, we can only offer donations and sponsorship to a small number of selected partners. These partners are selected at the beginning of the year or when we plan specific campaigns and events.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking for press material?

For PR inquiries please send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, here is a link to our press page

Partner information

How can I become a vielö partner?

We are pleased you are interested in our brand. To help us get started, please fill in our online contact form or simply send us a short email to

We will get back to you very soon.