Circular Economy

Inspired by the ideas of the circular economy we have opted for a more sustainable use of the valuable natural resources available.


Siegel Austria Biogarantie

Increasingly people are questioning the current and linear take-make-dispose model. Not having worked in this industry before helped us to rethink, challenge and question the conventional system of the cosmetics industry.

Inspired by the circular economy we created a business model that is based on our values of sustainability, transparency, simplicity and quality as well as cross-industry collaborations. The aim of the circular economy does not mean reducing the negative impacts of the conventional economy. Rather, it promotes a systemic shift.

For us, this means we are reusing and refining an organic by-product of traditional Austrian dairy production, our organic whey, and creating something new and unique out of it without compromising in product quality. So our whey is fed back into the system.

We are aware our contribution is a small one but we hope it contributes to more respect and appreciation of our valuable natural resources. It also demonstrates that it is worthwhile to challenge and rethink the current take-make-dispose model that harms our beautiful nature.

We constantly strive to reduce our own environmental footprint and are working on sustainable and alternative solutions in our company.