Austria Bio Garantie

More and more people are questioning conventional products and systems. That's what we also did and that's why we have opted for certified organic cosmetics.

Certified Organic

Seal Austria Biogarantie

Unfortunately, there is currently no uniform legal standard in Europe that protects and regulates the term "organic" for cosmetics. Instead, there are various initiatives under private law, often backed by large corporations, which thereby set their own quality standards and skilfully market them with a flashy seal.

It is therefore all the more pleasing for us that Austria has taken a true pioneering role in this respect and offers a legal framework for the production and labelling of organic cosmetics, a standard that is also independently monitored by the Austria Bio Garantie. Focusing uncompromisingly on product quality and transparency also means not always taking the easiest path when it comes to the development and manufacturing of products.

Thanks to the certification of the Austria Bio Garantie, we are able to ensure our customers full transparency and the highest product quality monitored by an independent body. This facilitates trust in our certified organic products and ingredients and gives us the security of meeting and celebrating the highest possible quality standards day after day.